About Photography Guide

This is the permanent page for my Photography Guide.

So what is this about? In December 2011 I talked to a fellow PhD student, and later in the day I thought it would be great to put all the stuff I talk about onto paper. Rather than “waste” other people’s time when it suits me best, I could talk a bit and then hand them a document – that no-one knows better than I do, which contains my knowledge, but which they can read in their own time on their own terms.

Because I gained 90% or more of my photography knowledge from free sources and experience, I want this information to be public, free for everybody to read. The major issue with most free resources is, that information is strewn about and not centralized.
The quality of free resources is great and sometimes even better than paid for books which are not updated over time or corrected.

So I am writing my own text, which will fill a thin book right now. At the same time, as it is an eBook, it is easy to change, to adapt, to update. Tell me where I made a mistake, tell me what you want to know, I will see when and how I can integrate your suggestion/request.
My PhD takes precedence, so this will need to be done during my free time and holidays, but I enjoy writing, so most likely you should get a quick response.
At the start the script has sometimes gone through multiple versions in a single day. However since I have revised the whole document once and expanded some sections considerably, I have slowed down. I might not update my guide for weeks – or I might release several versions in short succession.
The newest version will always be available in the youngest/newest blog post. If you want to keep up to date, you can subscribe via RSS, Email or Twitter.

The document type is pdf, created in LaTeX.
Any further updates will be made in the main “blog part” of this wordpress site.


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