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v1.4.0 – added Accesories

I thought it is time to step up in the version – also because I had changed sections before. Thus there is an update – to version 1.4.0.   Inspired by a forum thread which lead me to recommend a tripod I added a chapter on accessories. Additionally I linked a few more terms in […]

Version 1.3.8 – Histogram Section Improved

And version 1.3.8 is finally finished, after having significantly less time to update my text due to university. (I don’t fancy sitting in front of a computer staring at text, writing more when it was what I did all day at university, so it had to wait until the weekend.) The histogram section was finally […]

Version 1.3.7 – typographical corrections, another illustration

And Version 1.3.7 is here. I have finished proofreading and added some more illustrations. Things to do that I am aware of, are an expansion on histograms as well as more on editing photographs. I would appreciate any suggestions as usual. And here the link: A Basic Introduction to Photography

version 1.3.6 – stylistic improvements and some more images

After taking a little break from typing and also shooting some new photographs, a fresh version of my guide. The changes now are rather minor. Stylistic improvements in the first chapters, corrections of typographical errors and minor fixes where I missed out words… Additionally I included bulb mode in “camera modes”, added a nice example […]

Better explanation of sensor size & crop – pictures – v.1.3.5

Adding new stuff is a lot more fun that revising current text and improving the flow or removing typographical mistakes…. The lenses section now has a better explanation of sensor size and most importantly crop factor, including an example image. The glossary was also further extended and more in text links were added. Any feedback […]

Here we go again – version 1.3.4

I really did not want to release a third version today… but I couldn’t resist… Version 1.3.4 brings along a significantly extended glossary. And why did I post it… My OS reports the file size as exactly 6900KB, and checking how many bytes it needs on my SSD, well 7065600 Bytes – again, a number […]

v1.3.3 – corrected some typographical errors

Missing a word (thanks to the glossary) is annoying, as are rather strange typographical errors… A minor correction prompted this quick new release: A Basic Introduction to Photography