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Better explanation of sensor size & crop – pictures – v.1.3.5

Adding new stuff is a lot more fun that revising current text and improving the flow or removing typographical mistakes…. The lenses section now has a better explanation of sensor size and most importantly crop factor, including an example image. The glossary was also further extended and more in text links were added. Any feedback […]

Here we go again – version 1.3.4

I really did not want to release a third version today… but I couldn’t resist… Version 1.3.4 brings along a significantly extended glossary. And why did I post it… My OS reports the file size as exactly 6900KB, and checking how many bytes it needs on my SSD, well 7065600 Bytes – again, a number […]

v1.3.3 – corrected some typographical errors

Missing a word (thanks to the glossary) is annoying, as are rather strange typographical errors… A minor correction prompted this quick new release: A Basic Introduction to Photography

Camera Modes, extended glossary – v1.3.2

The last update for today, version 1.3.2 I have added a brief description of camera modes, as well as expanded the glossary: A Basic Introduction to Photography

v1.3.1 – glossary and plans

So, it was suggested to me to add a glossary – and after searching for some time and being extremely annoyed with the LaTeX mess, I finally got it to work… So any feedback? I think it does add a bit of a mess to the text, but it is useful – and also just […]

Time for another update, version 1.3.0

While I am currently releasing sometimes several updates pre day, I am already slowing own – and will slow down more with time. I have amended and expanded the “Basic Introduction” Chapter as well as significantly expanded the editing Chapter. As a result I am sure my text contains quite a few more typographical errors… […]

Version 1.2.3

A smaller update this time around, I chased the whole text through word and drastically reduced the amount of typographical errors in the text. As useful LaTeX is for referencing, formatting, as useless it is for spellchecking… Anyway, the update is attached to this post as usually. A Basic Introduction to Photography Topics that will […]