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V1.4.3 – Small Update Minor Comment on Softproofing

A small update to my Photography guide – fix of an embarrassing grammar mistake in the “thank you section” and addition of a minor section on softproofing. PDF attached below A Basic Introduction to Photography v1.4.3 Advertisements

Typing and Grammar revision – v1.4.2

Patrick O’Leary (See his work here:¬†http://patrickoleary.photoshelter.com/ ) was so kind as to read through my guide and suggest some corrections – the spelling has now improved a bit :). I would appreciate requests for additional content – updated file below: A Basic Introduction to Photography v1.4.2

Still alive, still around

To the people who do follow this blog: I am still alive – and have recently started fidgeting about a bit with the layout – so if it looks different, then because I changed the them. The guide hasn’t changes yet – mainly because of a combination of lack of time/lack of incentives/lack of ideas. […]